Our Story

Sometimes a simple “thanks” may not be enough. At Giving Spring, we believe that a little bit of extra thought and effort goes a long way in showing sincere appreciation.That is why we created Giving Spring.

Gift-giving is an important part of many cultures; it is especially so in Taiwanese culture. Over time gift culture in Taiwan has evolved to include elegantly designed packaging, creative products and health-conscious ingredients. We wish to bring these exciting creations to the States, starting with the world-famous pineapple cake and the exquisite Taiwanese nougat.

Ice thaws and colors return; Spring has arrived. The bleakness of winter is replaced by the vibrant colors of nature and the harshness replaced by a soothing warmth. The season of Spring brings many gifts and we at Giving Spring hope that our creations will similarly bring warmth to you and the most important people in your life. We thank you for choosing us and we cannot wait to share more amazing gifts with you.

The Team at Giving Spring